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STYLEFOX Beauty Peaches & Cream Moisture Mask + Scrub

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This hydrating powder-to-gel dual action mask and scrub features Vitamin C-rich peach fruit, moisturizing coconut cream, and Vitamin E-infused jojoba beads to rehydrate, brighten and gently exfoliate the complexion.

2 oz. 

Recommended For Skin Types:

  • Dry
  • Sensitive
  • Normal


Key Ingredients

Guar: an all natural moisturizing gel sourced from guar beans. Helps to restore skin's lipid layer, leaving skin feeling softer and smoother looking.

Kaolin: a gentle clay that helps to withdraw impurities from the skin without overdrying.

Peach fruit concentrate:  rich in Vitamin C, helps to gently exfoliate and improve clarity and texture of skin.

Coconut Cream: deeply moisturizing and soothing. Helps to lock in skin's moisture, lessen fine lines and improve suppleness.

Vitamin E: moisturizing antioxidant helps to fade scarring and repairs skin.

Peach kernel oil: moisturizing non-greasy oil, rich in Vitamin C. Helps to deeply hydrate and lock in moisture.

Hyaluronic acid: a super moisturizer and plumper that helps to smooth skin's surface, lessen fine lines and improve skin texture.

Ingredients: guar bean gum, kaolin, peach fruit powder, coconut cream powder, jojoba beads, vitamin e, peach kernel oil, hyaluronic acid.

Vegan. Fragrance-free. No preservatives. Natural ingredients. No parabens. No artificial colors. Never tested on animals. Recyclable, eco-friendly packaging.

Purposeful, pure, concentrated ingredients: every single ingredient in our masks serve a purpose. We do not use diluters or fillers. 

We source only high quality, mostly organic ingredients that are not artificially processed, fragranced or colored. Due to the natural quality of our products variations in texture and color may occur and are normal. 

Directions: Mix 1/2 teaspoon of mask powder with 1/2 teaspoon of warm water. For a thicker mask, use 1 teaspoon of mask and water. Leave on for 10 minutes or longer for extra moisture. Using a gentle, circular scrubbing motion, rinse with warm water.