Infographic: Simple Ways To Be More Environmentally Friendly

Going green and being environmentally friendly is a big topic these days -and for good reason. With climate change and the increasing pollution of the ocean, we all need to start making changes as to how we lead our everyday lives if our planet is to heal from the damage. As with most topics, knowledge is power. Many of us don't think twice when we're at the grocery store and we bag our groceries in disposable plastic bags or when we drink from those throw away plastic water bottles by the dozens. The truth is these everyday "conveniences" are literally destroying the ocean and planet with plastic pollution and the only way to reverse the damage is start being more conscious about our consumption. Going "green" may seem like an abstract, inconvenient idea to some, but if we all start making small everyday changes, our collective efforts will add up. Switching to a reusable water bottle and replacing your disposable plastic bags with a reusable tote (like our Hangry Grocery tote😉) is a good start and something you can implement right away.  Here are a few other changes you can start making TODAY to help curb climate change and pollution.

Infographic courtesy of WWF.

To learn more about climate change and WWF's initiatives, check out their website


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