STYLEFOX was founded in NYC in 2012 by Desiree Rabuse. Just months after launching, STYLEFOX quickly gained traction online and became known for its solutions-focused content, unique articles, and sage career, life, and beauty advice. Eventually, what started as a women's lifestyle media brand branched out into skincare and e-commerce in late 2018.

As a seasoned magazine editor (who has tried "practically every product on the planet"), wellness advocate, and environmentalist, Desiree has always been passionate about health focused topics and mindful living. She was inspired to launch STYLEFOX Beauty when she found many popular, chemical-laden products irritated her sensitive, reactive skin, caused breakouts, and contained environmentally toxic or unsustainable ingredients, animal testing, and wasteful packaging. She wanted to create skincare products that were effective, but also plant-based and environmentally friendly in both ingredients and packaging. 

After a bit of research, she found there were almost no preservative-free or fragrance-free plant-based skincare products on the market. And the ones she did find were too simple with too few ingredients to be effective. Using her skincare knowledge and a bit of chemistry studying, she began formulating her own mask samples using raw, natural-based yet potent ingredients, carefully pH balancing and testing various versions of each mask to find the most effective ingredient combinations and portions. From there she developed STYLEFOX's proprietary powdered face masks that are effective, eco-conscious, water-activated and shelf-stable without preservatives.

STYLEFOX Beauty is currently the only brand on the market that specializes in and creates an extensive line of preservative-free powder face masks.

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